Skimming the Edge of Reality

Sycamore Canyon BWWhen we see things through a black and white lens, our perception of reality is skewed by the distance between the extremes…But when we perceive the broad spectrum of gray variations that truly define our world, we begin to understand the values of warmth and contrast. These values exist in delicate balance and bring beauty to a monochromatic landscape…Not unlike the balance between opposing viewpoints or human personalities. When balanced, we see the whole picture and approach one another with a sense of fairness that allows the grey values of our world to gradually transition between the spaces we occupy. These transitions fill the chasm that divides us in our polarized perspectives and remind us that we are more similar than we are different. As we skim our way across the troposphere and take in the view of Sedona and Sycamore Canyon, we feel as though we are watching the earth from afar and this distance allows us to see the transitioning grays of the landscape as a single varied tapestry. The detail of the transitions between black and white adds richness to that tapestry and challenges our minds to understand something greater than ourselves.


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