Seeing Fire and Rain

Oklahoma Storms and meteor

Following the smoking trail of a meteor

Oklahoma Storms

Two thunderstorms light off

Awaiting Orion’s appearance as we follow Taurus’ ascent, storms hover on the horizon covering Oklahoma’s landscape. First we see a meteor and its swirling smoke trail as it flames out near the horizon. The meteor is close enough and big enough that it appears as a burning smoking projectile rather than the sharp white line of light we are accustomed to seeing as meteors glance off the atmosphere. Moments later in the same quadrant of sky, two cells light off and send lightning bolts to earth amid their showers. Fire and rain falling to earth at once triggering memories of old songs… Lest we be lulled into a false sense of security by the otherwise starlit night, we are reminded to keep a weather eye on the horizon and to watch the heavens for their competing light show.


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