Olijeto Mesa – Red Earth Yielding to Black and White

Olijeto Mesa - BWI’m going back and working through my aerial photographs looking for powerful black and white images. Capturing the aerial horizon and working backwards into the landscape of the American Southwest provides an opportunity to look closer at the tonal variations in the landscape. Here, Olijeto Mesa stretches across Monument Valley and dwarfs the other massive mesas and buttes that comprise the landscape. I’m going to take some time to share some of the black and whites, interspersing them with the color photos that I routinely share. These will be posts that are more about the visual image than the thoughts that I seek to communicate through the photographs. Please let me know what you like about these images and if you share a sense of the power of the black and white image.



2 thoughts on “Olijeto Mesa – Red Earth Yielding to Black and White

  1. Woah.

    So much more powerful (to me) in a daunting, quiet way. The colors (which I can’t recall) lend a sense calm and beauty whilst the black and white starkness implies the severity of conditions required to create such landscapes.



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