Veiled Beauty

anvil top storms gulf of mexicoEven in the darkest of storms there is beauty and light. Every storm grows vertically, becoming a threatening, life changing force of stratospheric proportions until it runs out of energy and, exhausted, bounces off the tropopause and falls back to earth in a fury only to begin the cycle again. But the beauty lies in its nature, in the foment of its lifecycle, and in the light that diffuses through its veil of showers. In our darkest moments, if we look at the opportunities that arise out of momentary misfortunes, we can see light through the storm. We appreciate its beauty and imagine away its dark edges…They are only dark because we fail to see the light through them…  As we persist in looking for the veiled light beyond the storm, we ignore the darkness, and we eliminate fear…then on the sunny side of our storms, we look back at billowing white clouds as rainbows hang on curtains of rain…the dark edges fall away and this becomes our memory of the storm. 


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