A Window on the Heavens

Steering for a Hole - Abstract

Steering for a Hole

We exist in an abstract moment in time where we hemstitch the line between day and night while simultaneously encountering powerful, ominous walls of utterly dark skies and brilliant, awe-inspiring windows on the heavens. We flit from the intensity of problem solving moments to the meditative solace of flying into a celestial scene that is beyond our comprehension. In describing this moment as abstract, I do not mean ambiguous or unexplainable…instead, my sense is that while we may easily explain the phenomenon that we witness out our windows, the intensity and connectedness of these worlds and our place in them are beyond our comprehension. To enjoy it as one may appreciate abstract art is the best answer…we do not need to comprehend it in order to appreciate how it makes us feel. An adrenaline rush and a soothing calm at once consume our bodies as we move through these moments and enjoy their fleeting nature, knowing that in a few short hours we will return to earth possessing a secret that is beyond words…but we will reflect on these moments, looking toward the aerial horizon in our memories and we will smile with satisfaction. These are my favorite moments in flight.


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