Reverie Beyond the Lights

Milky Way Dream

Having retreated from the storms over Texas and Louisiana we find ourselves in a smoother and quieter flow over the Gulf of Mexico where the spectacle of lightning over densely lit cities is replaced by the luminous depth of the Milky Way…and WE ARE IN AWE. For those of us who are stuck in cities, we only know this sky from National Geographic photos because the lights (that we demand surround us) distort our perception of the lights beyond our earthly realities. The light that we create acts as pollution in a deep pool of water that clouds and prevents celestial light from penetrating it. Over the Gulf, we escape the manmade clouds of light and experience the Milky Way as if emerging from a dream into a vision of inexplicable depth expressed in pinpoints of light. Before we can focus on the individual points of light, we are drawn into the depth and colors of the universe and we are lost in reverie. This is a dream that does not need to be focused in order to appreciate its meditative quality as it simultaneously stimulates and soothes our restive minds.

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