A Moment of Awe

Lummi Indian ReservationAs we rise above the blended scenery to see its many pieces laid out in front of us like a glorious disassembled puzzle, we share a moment of awe. No longer do we look at the features of the horizon as a singular mass; instead we see the shapes and mystical character of each element that defines the coastline. We drink our morning coffee contemplating the scene overhead the Lummi Indian Reservation. First, we take in the rectangular block of forest that juts into the sound like a diving board from which to launch into the sound. We gradually walk our gaze toward the hook shaped Portage Island and the lanky Lummi Island beyond. As we work our way across the San Juan Islands, we see the mountainous character of each swath of land emerge from the morning’s mist. Finally, our eyes rest on the horizon where the white-capped mountains of the Olympic National Park contain our view and keep our imaginations from slipping out to sea.


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