Looking at Miami International Airport (where it is supposed to be) from our off shore vantage point, Admiral Boom’s words come loud and clear into my head…”A heavy bit of weather brewing there…” However, for us there is no admonition to steer clear of the weather. Our destination is set and time is of the essence. We keep the speed up and head for the field, ducking under most of the weather along the way. Turning short to final and landing with rain on our tail, we safely taxi clear of the runway as the storm hits the field and the light show begins. Summer storms can be impressive and they get more interesting as we move closer to the equator. From a distance, they are beautiful living things that churn, rise, billow and fall with explosive energy. Up close, they are ominous sources of darkness and destructive energy. Whether on the ground or in flight, they are to be revered. Now that Summer is here, it’s that time of year again; it’s time to double-check the weather, it’s time to anticipate the coming storm, and it’s time to have plans B and C ready to execute when wisdom and prudence help us to put things back in perspective.

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