Dreams and Expectations

Dreams and Expectations

As we fly easily over the Rocky Mountains, the greatest physical challenge we face is to find a smooth ride amid the layers of turbulent waves of airmass that flow over the mountainous terrain. As I look at the contrail of the ship traveling just ahead of me, I know we are heading to the same destination and I reap the rewards of watching the turbulence affect his path. From my vantage point, I know what to expect on my journey ahead. Looking back on the journeys of those who traveled this way long before us, it is simple to imagine the daunting physical task of crossing the mountain range on foot or in wagons without the benefit of knowing what to expect along the trail. Over time mankind has risen to the challenge of travel. We have problem-solved and innovated to overcome obstacles and to achieve our goals. This ability is an innate tendency that comes from within but is driven by an expectation of achievement…we are not quitters. We grow up thinking any dream may be achieved if we set it in our sights and are willing to work for it. But first, we must dream and create a vision of where we want to go. The dream is what makes us unique. The dream is what drives us. Where will our dreams lead us tomorrow?

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