Mount Tipton – Abstract

Mount Tipton - Abstract

A saturated view of Mount Tipton transforms the subdued pigments of rocky hills into an ornate piece of native art…the cerulean blue of the Colorado River and Lake Mohave intensifies and bleeds freely through broad veins across the desert into the heart of the mountain where it contrasts with the base of burnt sienna. There the colors twist together and draw our eyes toward the ochre, orange and teal ornament nestled on the southern face of the mountain.

The scene seems unreal…in part because it is an abstract version derived from our imaginations. The soul of the landscape is revealed through the pigments and faint hues that the lens captures, but that we can barely discern. By zooming in, we focus our attention on one minor spot on this vast desert landscape and set our vision apart from reality as we intensify the native colors and enjoy our playground for a little while.

A true image, color saturated and polarized.

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