A View From the Backseat

A View From the Backseat

When I have to take a seat in the back, I think a lot about the contrast between my world and that of the passenger…As grown-ups we try to change the nature of air travel to suit our needs and we are vexed when the wind and the weather conspire to change our travel plans. When given the chance to sit in an aluminum tube with a hundred and fifty strangers crowded into increasingly narrow seats with finite legroom, many of us do not express a high degree of excitement. Instead, we focus on the negatives of air travel and begrudgingly board the jet because we need to get from point A to point B and we need to get there now.

We know why you fly, but what if you knew how to make flying fun again? The solution is simply to look at the world outside your small portal as a child would see it…express wonder at the weather around you…express excitement when you fly past natural wonders or great monuments…feel as though you are swimming in a great ocean when the winds push you faster or alter your course…Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride like a kid taking his first ride on an airplane…Grab a window seat, anticipate the sites, and take a few pictures to remember your journey by…And remember that the fun and experience is in “the getting there” and not solely in the business at the other end of the line.

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