The Navajo Highway

The Navajo Highway

Taking an abstract perspective on the Navajo Highway, we forget the dust of the road and focus instead on the patterns and textures of this path. Instead of cutting through mountains and making the landscape conform to the path, the highway goes with the flow of the landscape. It’s appropriate that such a road leads us toward Monument Valley…a testament to an ancient flow of drifting plates and volcanic activity. From upturned edges of the earth’s crust we get momentary glimpses of the layers of age stacked across the desert plain, each ripple and wave of color demonstrating the natural flow of earth, wind, and water. This place calls to me and stirs my imagination to dream of what it must be like to have my feet on the ground wandering this path.

2 thoughts on “The Navajo Highway

  1. Your photography is nothing short of stunning. Getting to see views like that as unobstructed as possible is a dream of mine. Are you perchance a commercial pilot?


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