The Grand Canyon lurks somewhere below the clouds. We know there’s something big out there, but we can’t see it through the chaotic churn of the day. We yearn to see it, we imagine it, yet it is still obscured. Now matter how thin the obstruction, we are distracted from our purpose. Ironically, our purpose may not be what we suppose.

Imagine if the why of our existence were not to see the great sight. What if our purpose were to appreciate the distractions? We could stop searching and begin to appreciate the wonderful flowing and chaotic nature of the world around us…and we would not hide from it or avoid it…we would experience it. Forget crossing the turbulence of a swelling stream…jump in and appreciate the energy and the flow.

Accepting the idea that our spirits have a path to follow, but recognizing that our earthly experiences shape our destinies, we may come to understand the flow. The flow is physical, as in physics…Our spirits represent an energy driven by a venturi force that responds to pressure with velocity. When we are squeezed by pressures and situations, we respond with velocity to deal with the new dynamic. When we feel no pressure, we are at ease and we wander freely searching for meaning.

We live in a fluid world of atmosphere and H2O yet most of us are unaware of our relationship. The aviator knows this, though he may not reflect on it. Flight grants us an insight into the freedom and purpose of our spirits. As we move through the atmosphere, we are free. We may struggle with adversity to meet our goals and achieve our destinations, but we are at our best when we respond to the forces around us, appreciate the wonder of what we can see, and cease to be concerned about finding what we think we should see. When we look out the window and ignore that fact that the Grand Canyon is obscured (again), we start to realize just how beautiful the clouds are as they convey motion in radiant beams of light….Perfection is the here and now; it just rarely looks like the perfect we expect to see.

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