Chihuahuan Desert and Ciudad Juarez

Chihuahuan Desert and Ciudad Juarez

Great geological barriers to travel provide fuel for the imagination. Cerro Bola stands high above Ciudad Juarez, defining the landscape for the people on the ground with a visual barrier of jagged rocky peaks. From our perspective, we get a different view and the peaks look smooth and sculpted as if some earthly frosting on the surface of the desert.

Looking beyond the mountain we see Los Medanos, the Samalayuca Dune Fields. These dunes are an obstacle to earthbound travelers as they make their way north along the plateau to Ciudad Juarez. The whiteness of the sand dunes is due to the high concentration of quartz in the sand. Framed by the Eastern and Western Sierra Madre ranges, the Chihuahuan Desert occupies the Mexican Plateau. Interestingly, this high desert is one of the most biologically diverse places in North America.

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