Albemarle: A Framed Snowy Memory

Albemarle: A Framed Snowy Memory

Albemarle in a single frame – Though Spring rains bring blooms and new growth to the landscape of Central Virginia, the interminably slow dripping from that life-giving overcast can set a gloom over the winter-weary as they await its colorful effects…A stark contrast to the memories of winter when the frigid snow covered every outcropping and exposed surface on the landscape while holding Spring at bay. Though we had to wait for the change in seasons, the morning sun illuminating the snow brought a visual warmth to the landscape.

In this photograph, we follow the James River from Scottsville, Virginia through twists, turns, and gaps into the heart of Albemarle County and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The snow covered mountains are illuminated by the rising sun and cast a pale golden hue across the landscape.

From the gray overcast and drizzle of Spring to the glistening white blanket of Winter snow, to the blue of the sky above it all…it helps to remember that it’s all water and, gradually, it all feeds life.

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