A View from the Time Machine

A View from the Time Machine

It’s little understood, but it makes perfect sense…Sunset is perennial. As we sit in our time machine traveling westward, time slows down and the sunset consumes our view for hours on end. A glance to the left or right reveals the terminator on whose slope we are surfing across the sky. The science is simple; if we launch just prior to the sunset and travel across three time zones, sunset will last at least three hours. But, we are traveling slower than the rotation of the earth and the result is that we observe sunset long before we fall into the twilight and continue watching it as the shadow envelops us. This sunset lasted for four hours…four hours of blinding sun directly down our course and reflecting off our nose…four hours of anticipation of the glorious colorful illumination of dust and clouds that comes in the final minutes as the sun slips below the horizon. All the while our passengers rest in the purple haze that surrounds our craft, ignorant of the workings of our time machine…”Wake-up, reset your watches, Welcome to LA…”

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